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Spotlight on the Denix WW2 MG34 Replica – IT’S SENSATIONAL!

The long-awaited metal MG34 replica has arrived in Australia.

The MG34 replica is fully legal to buy and have shipped straight to you if you live in QLD or WA, with GIC exemption membership if in Victoria and with the usual permits, licenses or exemptions for other states.

Now down to some details.

See the extensive photo gallery / study of the gun

Below is a gallery of images featuring the gun itself and the range of accessories that we are pleased to be offering as optional extras alongside it such as inert 8mm link belts, starter tabs and great leather reproductions of the MG34 slings.

General look and feel of the gun

It’s a HUGE thumbs up from us.

Having handled and fired the real weapons over the years we can safely say that this quality replica looks and feels like the real deal, and whilst being only slightly lighter, carrying and handling the gun feels right. From every angle Denix have captured great details and have succeeded in faithfully bringing the famous WW2 MG34 to life.

It comes brand new out of the box for those looking for a factory fresh look for their display, but with careful wear and age effects (or just naturally wear and tear if a re-enactor), then it will come up a realistic treat indeed.


Solid detailed metal construction with timber butt stock.

Cocking handle and mechanism works and dry fires.

Front and rear sights flip up and down.

Bipod is fully functional to lock into the up and down positions.

Top cover does open to accept a link belt, but via gently knocking out the forward top cover pin (don’t ask us why Denix did that, but it really doesn’t detract from the overall quality of this replica). With minor modifications (at owner’s option) it could open as intended but not lock.

Will accept an MG34 leather sling (repro leather sling sold separately).

Optional Accessories

We have secured some great optional extras including….

Leather sling with Waffen stamps (repro).

50 round inert 8mm round display belt links. Inert / empty 8mm modern rounds in either genuine WW2 marked link belts or post war belts (available while stock lasts once released for sale).

10 round inert 8mm round display belt links in post war belt link (available while stock lasts once released for sale).

Starter tabs, some genuine WW2 marked and some post war (available while stock lasts once released for sale).

This is one of the most exciting replica weapons that we have ever handled, and it’s sure to be a huge hit with collectors, re-enactors, museums and man-cave militaria enthusiasts.

Denix have really raised the bar on this one and we are proud to have it available for our customers very soon.



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