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The Vietnam War CAR-15 / XM177 metal replica that is also a gel blaster

We love our quality replicas, and whilst not wanting to be a full-scale gel blaster retailer, will occasionally stock the ones that are actually great replicas.

This metal CAR-15 has great detail and the weight and feel of the actual historic weapon. The fact it’s also a functioning gel blaster is just a bonus if you happen to live in QLD. Sadly we can only post these to QLD as they are not legal elsewhere at present.

Adapted by the US military during the Vietnam War from the longer M16A1 rifles, the CAR-15 and XM177 series and variants are the forerunners of Special Operations carbines.

They were used by various special operations units throughout the Vietnam war, and were also well-suited to airborne units, pilots and vehicle crews. They remained in service all the way up the later M4 styles took their place, and are in-service with some nation's militaries today. .

This model is good enough for museums, collectors and re-enactors to bring this classic Vietnam War weapon to life.

A popular weapon with Special Forces Units
A main character's weapon in Oliver Stone's film Platoon.


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