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PRE-ORDER DEPOSIT ONLY FOR APRIL STOCK: M60 Metal Replica (QLD customers only)

PRE-ORDER DEPOSIT ONLY FOR APRIL STOCK: M60 Metal Replica (QLD customers only)


PRE ORDER DEPOSIT ONLY OF APRIL ARRIVING STOCK: This is a deposit only (will be deducted from full retail price of $1595 and post due and payable when stock arrives at time of fulfillment, we will email you a link to complete your purchase at that time).  Fully refundable if the shipment is delayed or stopped. QLD CUSTOMERS ONLY.  Secures from the limited stock in order of arrival onto the list.


QLD customers only, prohibited item in other states as it has gel blaster internals although we are selling these on their merits as a detaield metal replica not a blaster: Full sized metal replica of the famous M60 GPMG with great detail and features like folding and extending bipod, folding sights, cock lever, opening top cover with detail, removable barrel assembly etc. Comes with 10 inert dummy linked rounds.  Has working gel blaster action (although we are not able to warrant or support gel blaster technical issues) and so QLD sales only. Gel blaster wires easily concealed or removed as required by buyer if they wish to aid with display or museum / re-enactment usage.  WE ARE NOT A DEDICATED GEL BLASTER RETAILER, WE HAVE ACQUIRED THESE AS METAL M60 REPLICAS FOR COLLECTORS / MUSEUMS / RE-ENACTORS: We sell these as a great quality replica, not as gel blaster specilaists, we therefore place no emphasis on its performance as a gel blaster and so blaster accessories such as hobby battery, balls etc not provided but easily sourced on ebay and via hobby sellers if required.  It will work as a blaster if connected to a hobby battery but blaster internals and performance are notoriously variable on any blaster.  Again, we emphasise that we are not a dedicated gel blaster retailer, to us these are great and detailed metal replicas for clients seeking a replica more than a performnce blaster. 

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