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Mauser C96 'Broomhandle' Mauser Pistol (PRICE Incudes GST) #3/1024

Mauser C96 'Broomhandle' Mauser Pistol (PRICE Incudes GST) #3/1024




NOTE: QLD, WA clients can buy immediately without any need of a license / permit and we will ship straight awaySA check with SAPOL for which Denix models they accept under their legislation. For other States we will need to be emailed a copy of the relevant license / permit before we can ship the item to you.  You must be over 18 before placing any order for this item. If you are under 18 and / or falsely using a parent's card or Paypal identity this is a violation of our terms. By placing an order you certify that you are 18 years of age or over.


The Mauser C96 'Broomhandle' pistol is an iconic German weapon of WW1 and also WW2.  Its name comes from its characteristic grip that resembles a broom's handle.  With an internal 10 round box magazine it was a popular weapon for trench raiding stormtroopers and also a popular prize for allied soldier souvenir hunters.  This full size and weight metal replica by Denix has a working / cocking action and faithfully brings this classic weapon safely to life for the collector.


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