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Modern Digger Figure (82)

Modern Digger Figure (82)


Modern Digger Figure.


The limited edition Modern Australian Soldier figurine is a tribute to the cutting-edge technology and bravery of our soldiers. Standing at approximately 30cm tall, this exquisite figurine captures the essence of the modern Australian soldier equipped with the EF 88 assault rifle, Night Fighting Equipment, and Tiered Combat Helmet. Made with cold cast bronze, this figurine showcases intricate details and craftsmanship. With only 5000 castings available worldwide, this is a must-have collectible for military enthusiasts and history buffs. Honour the courage and dedication of our soldiers with this exclusive limited edition figurine.



  • Colour: Antique bronze
  • Material: Cold cast bronze
  • Dimensions: 300mm tall
  • Limited edition volume: Limited to 5,000 releases.
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