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Rare WW2 Japanese Type 26 Holster

Rare WW2 Japanese Type 26 Holster


Rare WWII Japanese Type 26 Nambu Revolver Leather Holster. One of the hardest WWII Japanese Holsters to find. These rarely appear for sale as many are already paired with a revolver in advanced collections.  Leather indicates an early war piece as later war holsters were not made of leather due to supply issues.


Good condition, leather strong and pliable, tight intact strap and stitching, internal ammunition pouch is complete with loops for holding cartridges. Cleaning rod pouch intact with original cleaning rod, again a rare piece itself. The best example of a Type 26 rig we have seen.


The Type 26 was the first modern revolver of the Imperial Japanese Army.  The single strap rig was apparently favoured by tankers and pilots.

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