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Replica Thompson SMG (PRICE Incudes GST) #3/1093

Replica Thompson SMG (PRICE Incudes GST) #3/1093

AU$745.00 Regular Price
AU$650.00Sale Price

Price Includes the GST.


NOTE: QLD, WA and SA clients can buy without need of a license / permit and we can ship immediately. For other States we will need to see the relevant license / permit before we can ship to you. You must be over 18 before placing any order for this item. If you are under 18 and / or falsely using a parent's card or Paypal identity this is a violation of our terms. By placing an order you certify that you are 18 years of age or over.


Replica Thompson 'Tommy Gun'.  Full size, full weight, metal working action (cocks and dry fires) , timber stocks, removable mag.   


NOTE: Final image used is of a Denix replica that has been given an aged and worn finish for film and TV use. Stock guns have a new black finish. See our article on the site about how to age them if desired.


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