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Replica Webley Revolver


British Webley Revolver


The Webley series of revolvers are known as ‘top break’ revolvers and were designed for a range of calibres including .455, .45, .38 and .32 as British and Commonwealth Military sidearms, and as Police sidearms.


The design was first introduced in 1899 seeing action in the Boer War often acquired as a private purchase by Officers, famously including a young Winston Churchill.  In WW1 The Webley was standard issue for British and Commonwealth Forces, widely issues across all Army, Naval and Flying Corps units.


In WW2 due to a demand for weapons that outstripped production, Webley Revolvers were once more pressed into service across all theatres in which British and Commonwealth Forces were deployed.


Post WW2 many Armies and Police Forces adopted the pistols, as there were large stockpiles of both the weapons and ammunition.  This saw the pistols remain in some British Army usage until the 1970’s, and continue with some other military and Police Forces such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and in the UK.

This replica by Denix has an all metal working action and is a full size and weight reproduction.

Webley Revolver
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