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Collectable Toy Soldiers / Figures

We currently have in stock an interesting range of collectable toy soldiers / 1:30 scale military figures.

These are all metal and hand painted museum quality display and collectable figures from leaders in this field such as :

King and Country

John Jenkins

Thomas Gunn

W. Britain

Amongst the range are WW1 Australians, Germans and British soldiers as well as Tanks and Artillery.

Light Horse and WW2 German and Australian troops also feature.

These manufacturers are renowned world-wide for the quality and detail of their 1:30 scale military figures and toy soldiers.

Far from being simply toys, these are genuine collectibles for the discriminating military enthusiast or museum seeking to bring the stories and artefacts of military history to life.

These can serve as a fascinating stand-alone display piece, help create colourful dioramas or accompany a genuine artefact to give it personality and greater context.

See King and Country military figures for sale

See John Jenkins toy soldiers for sale

See Thomas Gunn 1:30 scale figures for sale

See W. Britain collectable military figures for sale

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