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Medals for Sale

WW1 Medals and Medal Groups for Sale Australia


Sabre Militaria has many groups of World War One Medals for Sale.


Sabre Militaria is fortunate to offer a large range of WW1 medals for men of many different units, including many famous Australian AIF Infantry Battalions and original ANZAC Gallipoli soldiers.  There are also several Gallantry / Military Medal Groups, rare Battalions and soldiers who served in both the WW1 AIF and in the WW2 2nd AIF.  This is a rare opportunity to purchase World War One Australian / AIF medals from an extensive collection acquired by a passionate collector over 30 years.



World War One Medals featured amongst those on offer by Sabre Militaria


Military Medal

A gallantry medal that was awarded to personnel of the British and Commonwealth Forces during WW1 (and up until 1993), below commissioned rank, for bravery in combat.  The medal was established on 25 March 1916.  The medal was the other ranks equivalent to the Military Cross (MC), which was awarded only to commissioned officers. 


The 1914 Star


The 1914 Star, also known as the Mons Star, is a British medal for service in France or Belgium between 5 August and 22 November 1914.  Early war fighters such as the British Expeditionary force that held off the initial German push would receive this. 


The 1914 – 1915 Star


The 1914–15 Star was authorised in 1918 and given for service in specified theatres of war between 5 August 1914 and 31 December 1915. These were awarded to our Gallipoli soldiers. 


The British War Medal


The British War Medal is a campaign medal of the was awarded to officers and men of British and Imperial forces (including Australian Forces) for service in the First World War. 

The Victory Medal


The Victory Medal is a British Empire First World War Medal featuring a particular form of an historic Greek monument.  The dates of the war on some nation’s medals were 1914 to 1918, with the British Empire giving the dates as 1914 to 1919.


Some of the medals come as pairs, others as trios and some of the rarer groups also feature MM’s and WW2 Servuice medals as well.


When researching the backgrounds of some of these soldiers, it’s hard not to shed a few tears, as they represent the massive scale of bravery and also suffering and death visited upon an entire generation of Australian soldiers.

Many great deeds are represented here, along with some colourful soldiers with some amusing incidents that saw them clash with military justice and discipline. 


Ideally these WW1 Medals would reside with the families, or in museums, but the reality is that where there are no relatives to pass them on to, or museums to house them, they are far better off in the hands of private collectors who will perpetuate the memory and stories associated the medals of these soldiers. 

WW1 Australian Medals for Sale
WW1 Medals fo sale AIF Gallipoli Trio
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