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Chrome Plated Colt Government .45 Auto Replica Pistol by Denix

For some charismatic command personalities like General George S Patton, or the occasional fighter pilot, a chrome or nickel plated sidearm was somewhat of a military fashion a statement.

Whilst it was far more common to carry a standard issued military sidearm, some military personnel of WW2 because of their status, or unit type, carried highly customised pistols with modified grips or finishes, like this chrome plated variation of the .45 auto.

A small number of chrome plated guns were actually made for issue to the US Army Air Corps. It was also fashionable for WW2 veterans to have their old service pistols chromed post war.

The Colt Government .45 Auto / M1911 was the standard sidearm of the US military through WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam and even into the first Gulf War. Respected as a reliable and hard-hitting weapon, it is still a sought-after handgun today, even preferred to this day by some SF units.

This chrome finished replica has a touch of flair, or of the classic Hollywood hero / bad guy gun about it. The chrome or nickel finished pistol (of various styles) makes plenty of movie appearances over the years.

These models made by Denix are same weight and size, metal working action and they also field strip the same as the real thing.


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