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New custom non-firing replica Colt Government 1911 pistols.

Sabre has two great new non-firing Colt Government 1911 metal replica models to add to our growing range of replica guns.

They have custom combination chrome and black finishes, and come with all of the usual functionality of these great Denix replica Colts.

These Denix replicas have working metal actions so that the top slide racks, they cock and dry fire, magazines are removable and they also field strip just like the real thing.

The 1911 Colt Government Auto pistol is one of the longest serving military pistols of all time. They have been used by US Military and Law Enforcement from WW1, through WW2, Korea, Vietnam right into the Gulf War era. Some US Special Forces units still prefer the hard hitting .45 ACP rounds and simple functionality of this weapons platform.

The non-firing metal replicas bring this history to life.

No licenses are required for any non-firing metal replicas in Queensland and Western Australia, the usual permits and exemptions are needed for other States.


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