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Replica Grenades and Ordnance

We are fortunate to have access to a great range of reproduction historic military grenades and ordnance.

These are made as inert full-scale replicas by a highly skilled former Australian Army EOD Technician with a passion for military ordnance. The moulds for these pieces have actually been taken from the genuine items, and so the details are great.

Solid polyurethane offers a great medium to bring replica ordnance to life in a safe and completely inert format with quality details and features.

These pieces are well-suited to museum displays, private collections, military re-enactment, police and military training and film and television work.

Amongst the models we currently have in stock are:

WW2 American MK2 Fragmentation Grenade

WW1 British No5 Mills Bomb

WW2 No36 Mills Bomb

M26 Fragmentation Grenade

M33 Fragmentation Grenade

WW2 Japanese Type 97 Grenade

M18 Claymore AP Mine

Legal in QLD, check with your own State laws to see which permit, collector or weapon license may be required. Sold for museum / collector display / military re-enactment. To be displayed responsibly so as not to cause public alarm.


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