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The WW2 German MP40 submachine gun, is one of the most recognisable weapons of that war.

This robust 9mm weapon was issued widely as an infantry small arm, initially popular with Officers and NCO’s but more widely issued when compact firepower was essential in urban battles such as that at Stalingrad.

Allied troops, and many post-war filmmakers, authors and observers would refer to the weapon as a ‘Schmeisser’ even though that weapon designer 'Hugo Schmeisser ' actually had nothing to do with the design of the MP40 (though he did with the MP44 assault rifle). It was in fact designed by Heinrich Voller.

Major arms manufacturer Erma Werke produced at least 1.1 million of these submachine guns and they were issued and used in all theatres in which German forces were deployed.


Designed: 1940

Produced: 1940 - 1945

Cartridge: 9mm

Action: Straight Blowback, Open Bolt

Rate of Fire: 500 – 550 rounds per minute

Muzzle Velocity: 400 m/s

Effective Firing Range: 100 – 200 m

Maximum Firing Range: 250 m

Feed System: 32 round detachable box

Sights: Hooded front blade

Weight: 3.97 kg

Length: 833 mm

Barrel Length: 251 mm

The Denix replica MP40 submachine gun is a faithful reproduction of this historic weapon, ideal for the collector or enthusiast.

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