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The MP41: An unusual German WW2 SMG

The MP41 is an uncommon but important German weapon of WW2 used in small numbers by Waffen SS, SS - SD, Luftwaffe and Romanian troops.

The submachinegun was produced by a firm called Haenel who were already contracted to help manufacture the subsequently far more famous MP40 model.

Hugo Schmeisser who was their chief weapon’s designer wished to create a new SMG by merging the action of the MP40 with a timber stock. It also had a select fire capability for single shot or automatic fire.

It saw limited production after Erma, the firm behind the MP40 design, took legal actions over Haenels use of Erma's MP40 design elements. The MP41 stocks were then purchased and used mostly by the Romanian Army as well as some specialised Luftwaffe units and the SS where according to some sources it was popular with field units of the infamous Sicherheitdienst (SD) of Reinhardt Heidrich.

Many make the flawed assumption that the MP41 was not a combat used weapon because of its obscurity, but it was definitely used throughout the war, albeit in small numbers. There are rare photographs of them being used by German units throughout the war and also falling into Soviet hands from defeated Germans and Romanians.

This high quality Denix non-firing replica of the MP41 brings the historic gun to life with timber stock and a working metal action.


MP41 with a Luftwaffe Unit

MP41 late war atop a King Tiger

Soviet soldier laying down with captured MP41

Young soldier with an MP41

MP41 with a Luftwaffe unit

Soldier on the right has an MP41

Soviet soldier in the front has a captured MP41


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