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War Memorabilia For Sale Australia

War Memorabilia Australia
War Memorabilia in Australia
War Memorabilia Australia by Sabre
War Memorabilia and Militaria




War Memorabilia for sale in Australia takes many forms and Sabre Militaria is proud to stock a diverse range of war memorabilia and militaria.

The study and collecting of war memorabilia in Australia has been undertaken for as long as Australia has been engaged in wars.  During the colonial wars weapons and artefacts were taken as souvenirs, and Australian soldiers travelling overseas to the Boer War, First World War, Second World War, Korea, Vietnam and modern conflicts did the same thing.  

War memorabilia ends up in private and public museums to be studied and displayed as part of our attempts to better understand and conserve military history.  

In Australia war memorabilia takes the form of helmets, hats, uniforms, weapons, flags, badges, medals, books and documents as well as captured items from former enemies such as Boer Commandos, Imperial Germany, Third Reich Germany, Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy, Communist Korean and Chinese, North Vietnamese and those of modern conflicts.

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