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General George S Patton a famous figure from US Military History

Old 'Blood and Guts' as he was known is quite the controversial figure, and without a doubt one of the most charismatic military leaders of the 20th Century.

His flamboyant style, military uniforms and even chrome plated six guns illustrate a carefully cultivated image of the no mess warrior general.

Respected, feared and much written about he was also one of the better read commanders with 1000’s of volumes on military history, tactics and other commanders (including much read books on one of famous rivals Erwin Rommel).

He is also remembered for some cracking quotes on leadership and military matters.

For those interested in this great US military figure, here are some of my favourties…


“Success in war depends on the “golden rules of war”: speed, simplicity and boldness.”

“The enemy is as ignorant of the situation as we are.”

“You are not beaten until you admit it.”

“It is the unconquerable soul of man and not the nature of the weapon he uses which insures victory.”

“Lack of orders is no excuse for inaction. Anything done vigorously is better than nothing done tardily.”

“A good solution applied with vigour now is better than a perfect solution applied ten minutes later.”

“We can conquer only be attacking.”

“There is no approved” solution to any tactical situation.”

“In case of doubt, ATTACK!”

“As long as you attack them, they cannot find the time to attack you.”

“One continues to learn about war by practicing war.”

“Never stop until you have gained the top or the grave.”

“Everything is a ‘final heat’.”

“By perseverance, and study, and eternal desire, any man can become great.”

“Haste and speed are not synonymous.”

“You must never halt because some other unit is stuck. If you push on, you will relieve pressure on the adjacent unit and it will accompany you.”

“To be a successful soldier you must know history.”

“Throughout history wars have been lost because of armies not crossing rivers.”

“It may be of interest to future generals to realise that one makes plans to fit the circumstances, and does not try to create circumstances to fit the plans.”

“Strategy and tactics do not change. The means only of applying them differ.”

“Volumes are devoted to armament; pages to inspiration.”

“War is just like boxing. When you get an opponent on the ropes you must keep punching the hell out of him and not let them recover.”

“Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by people. It is the spirit of those people who follow and the people who lead that gains victory.”

“It is very easy for ignorant people to think that success in war may be gained by the use of some wonderful invention rather than by hard fighting and superior leadership.”

“Today, machines hold the same place formerly occupied by the jawbone of an ass, elephant, armour, longbow, gunpowder and submarine. They, too, shall pass.”

“Inspiration does not come via coded messages, but by visible personality.”

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