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WW1 AIF Military Medal Group

WW1 AIF Medal Pair
WW1 AIF MC Group

WW1 (World War One) Australian Medals for Sale

Sabre is fortunate to have been appointed by an established collector of WW1 and WW2 Australian medal groups.

Whilst we are of the opinion that medal groups are best placed with families and museums, the reality is that there are many medal groups that have legitimately entered the militaria market due to there being no remaining family, or where the family has no interest. In such cases a collector who values the military history behind them is a far better place for them to end up than in a box in a garage.

Museums will often display medals, but also end up with a surplus of medal types and they likewise end up in boxes for nobody to see.

It is on this basis that we are happy to offer selected WW1 medal groups from the collection for sale to discriminating medal and coin collectors.

Amongst the WW1 medal groups that we have for sale are:

WW1 Medal Trios from Gallipoli veterans and first day landers.

WW1 pairs from many famous Australian Battalions.

WW2 groups, some mixed WW1 and WW2 groupings.

Gallantry groups including Military medals and also a Military Cross.

The stories behind these medals are often sad ones, but paint a diverse picture of the human tales of many young Australians caught up in the carnage of WW1.

Across Australia there are many dedicated collectors of medals who preserve Australia’s military heritage with pride and ensure that the stories of these men are researched and not lost as they otherwise may be.

Some medal collectors will focus almost entirely upon a single WW1 AIF Battalion that might have been raised in their local area, and others will have representations of literally all Australian AIF Battalions, which is amazing indeed.

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