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Sabre has recently acquired trench art galore, and the assortment now for sale in the trench art section of the site includes some truly unique and beautiful pieces.

Mostly Australian WW1 and WW2 trench art, but also some British and European items.

The trench art for sale includes AIF / Army as well as RAAF and Navy items made from a diverse range of shells and ordnance. Once cute little piece is made from a .37 AT round and a .30 cal round, whilst others have been created from larger shells such as 25 Pounders, 18 pounders or even 18 inch shell casings.

The dates on the trench art shells ranges through iconic WW1 and WW2 days such as 1914, 1915 to 1942, 1943 and 1944.

Decorations range from very simple engraving and dot patterns that suggest literally being 'trench art' in the sense that an individual soldier has created a rudimentary bit of art in the trench, to quite complex pieces more likely to have been made in field workshops.

When looking at and handling these items, one cant help but think of the soldiers, airmen and sailors of these past conflicts with time on their hands crafting these items for sale, exchange or to be sent to family and sweethearts back home. Some of the WW1 Middle Eastern items appear to have been made by clever local merchants for sale to our Diggers and Light Horsemen.

Whatever your taste, these trench art items are truly unique items of wartime memorabilia for a collection and quite personal works of art and individual expression by service people.

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