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The new Denix is MG34 Replica is due to be in stock with Sabre Militaria mid 2021.
Sneak peak of the Denix MG34 Replica

A sneaky peak at the new Denix Replica WW2 German MG34 Machine Gun

Denix has given us a sneak peak of their new MG34 Replica Machine Gun that is due into Australia mid 2021.

Stay tuned to our Blog, Facebook and Instagram for updates, or better still subscribe to our newsletter on the website or join the MG34 Wish List by emailing us -

So far we know that the replica is full scale / same size and will come in at a slightly lighter weight than the real weapon as the internals are naturally not made of the same heavy duty steel used for the actual machined working parts of the real weapon.

Part of what makes having great replicas like this possible, is that the steel used to make them is of less quality than gun steel. This is largely so that it cannot be reworked by anyone to become a firing model. This will sometimes drop the weight of a replica model.

Some re-enactors and museums are very happy with them being slightly lighter (if they are going to be carried for long periods), and some will actually add weight to the internals or barrel to get the wight 'spot on' to the original.

No license will be needed for QLD or WA, the correct exemption or permit will be needed for other states.


More details and pricing are yet to come, but we have started an obligation free ‘Expression of Interest’ / ‘Wish List’ for people interested in potentially securing one from our initial stocks.

If people change their mind, no problem at all, we will just work down the list until we run out of the first batch of stock for the new guns.

Email us at


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