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Denix make some great quality replicas of classic WW2 weapons.

The nations engaged in WW2 developed some truly iconic small arms.

Many have become strongly associated with the history and the titanic struggles of that time and represent the stories of the combat soldiers who carried them.

The actual firing weapons, or even the de-activated ones for that matter, are simply not something that can be easily obtained and owned in Australia. This makes museum quality replicas of such weapons a safer, cheaper and far easier alternative to the real things.

Museums, re-enactors, militaria collectors, film-makers and man-cave enthusiasts love the Denix range of replicas as they bring the history safely to life with well-researched and crafted non-firing reproductions.

Denix are a world-class European manufacturer of replica weapons. Sabre Militaria is delighted to be an authorised Denix seller and stocks a wide range of great Denix replica guns.

Amongst the quality range of WW2 Replica Guns by Denix that we stock are:

REPLICA PISTOLS: Colt 1911 Government Auto (which actually field strips), P08 Luger (standard and artillery barrels), Walther PPK, P38 and the Webley Revolver.

REPLICA RIFLES: M1 Garand, .303 SMLE, K98 Mauser, M1 Carbine.

REPLICA ASSAULT RIFLES: The StG44 / MP44 Sturm Gewehr.

REPLICA SUB MACHINE GUNS: MP40, PPSH, Thompson (stick and drum mag versions), Sten MK2, M3 Grease Gun.

REPLICA MACHINE GUNS: The WW2 German MG34 Replica (due into Australia late 2021).

REPLICA GRENADES: WW2 US Pineapple, WW2 German Stick Grenade.

This great range of replica weapons can be purchased without any need of a license in QLD and WA. For other States relevant exemptions or permits need to be in place.


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