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COUNTDOWN TO FEB 1ST - Replica Machine Guns will be LEGAL to own without any license in QLD

As of February 1st 2021 any replica submachine gun, assault rifle or machine gun can be purchased and owned without any need of a license in QLD.

Just a matter of days to go now.

This is wonderful news for collectors, museums, re-enactors, military vehicle owners and man-cave builders alike.

We stock the Denix range which includes great museum quality replica weapons such as the MP40, Sten, Thompson, MP44, M16, AK47 and Grease Gun.

Formally Category R weapons needing strict licensing and storage, new legislation makes it perfectly legal to buy and possess these in QLD (with obligations for responsible display and use of course). In WA no license is required either.

For other states we just need to see a copy of a license or exemption before shipping.


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