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The long-anticipated Denix Replica MG34 will be well worth the wait

Latest updates and images from the Denix factory in Europe indicate that their new replica of the famous WW2 MG34 will be a quality replica and well worth the wait.

It appears that a great deal of effort has been put into into the details and general feel of the replica. So far it’s evident that the quality will be ideal for museum display, historical re-enactment, film and TV work as well as being a very cool man-cave hanger.

Originally slated for 2019, this highly anticipated model was expected to land into Australia mid 2021. Forces beyond our control will now see it arrive later than we had hoped in late 2021 (what we hear at present).

To join the obligation free Expression of Interest / Wish List to get updates and first access (in order of joining) to initial stocks simply email us at

Major Statistics of the actual German MG34 Machine Gun

Weapon Type: General Purpose Machine Gun.

Designed by: Heinrich Vollmer in 1934.

Saw service: 1936 – 1945 (then post-war with many other nations till present day).

Makers: Rheinmettall-Borsig AG, Soemmerda, Mauserwerke AG, Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG, Waffenwerke Brunn.

Number built: 577 120

Weight: 12.1 kg

Length: 1 219 mm

Barrel length: 627 mm

Calibre: 7.92 x 57mm Mauser in non disintegrating belt

Action: Recoil operated, open rotating bolt.

Cyclic rate of fire: 800 – 900 rounds per minute

Muzzle velocity: 765 metres per second

Effective range: 200 – 2 000 metres standard, 3 500 metres with tripod and telescopic sights. Extreme range 4 700 metres.


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