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WW2 militaria with no banned symbols
WW2 Militaria with no banned symbols

Now that the ban on trade in items with swastikas and SS items in in effect, we have sourced some great German Ww2 militaria items free of the banned symbols.


There are many great WW1 and Imperial German items on the Sabre Militaria Website, and now also WW2 German items with no banned symbols.


Headgear, medals, awards, personal groupings, field kit and curiosities.


Most of these are situated in 'Gunter's Corner', New Arrivals and in the 'Iron Cross' section.


It is perfectly legal to trade in WW2 items that do not contain a swastika or the SS runes.  It is still legal to own items with swastikas and SS runes, they just cannot be traded.

Whilst this is a ridiculous and intrusive law, it’s what we all have to work with until exemptions or an amendment enable people to trade for legitimate WW2 collecting.


If you disagree with this federal ban on trade in WW2 German items, and think legitimate militaria collectors should be exempt, contact your local MP and Senator to push for amendments / exemptions.


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