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Historic Weapons of D-Day by Denix

Replica weapons for sale in Australia by Sabre Militaria
Replica guns for sale in Australia by Sabre

Any Anniversary of D-Day sees the haunting images circulating of troops about to land on the beaches, and of course the many hard struggles in the days that followed.

Looming large of course for those interested in military history is the diverse range of small arms brought to the fight by the various forces involved. Amongst them are some of the most historic and characteristic weapons of WW2. Weapons such as the Thompson SMG, Sten Gun, MP40, MG34, MP40, MP44, Colt 45, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, K98 Mauser, Luger, P38 and Webley.

Whether it’s a museum, private collection or man-cave, many of these weapons would make great wall-hangers and displays, but the real thing is not only expensive these days, but also a licensing nightmare.

Great non-firing replica guns made by Denix make a safe and far easier alternative with metal working actions and realistic features that bring these famous weapons to life.

If you live in QLD or WA no license is required to purchase and display any replica / imitation weapon. There are of course expectations that replica guns will be displayed and used legally and responsibly. For other states and territories we need to sight the appropriate exemption or license before shipping.


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