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Kolser Replicas Now In Australia

The Kolser range of replica pistols and rifles are now available in Australia. We are delighted to be stocking them on the website.

Kolser are a very successful Spanish company that are renowned for their quality flintlock and western era metal replicas. Their western range comes with cartridges that actually cycle and eject in the guns and can also fire caps.

The Winchester lever action rifles allow the rounds to be loaded just like the real one from the right side loading port, and cycle and eject as you work the lever action. The Colt Army revolvers enable the cartridges to be loaded and then ejected using the ejector rods just like the real thing.

Kolser replica gun accessories are also great and include leather gunfighter holster rigs for the Colt Army Revolver replicas, and leather stock cartridge holders for their Winchester rifle replicas.

The Kolser models are well finished and use a special textured polymer resin for the stocks that looks pretty much identical to timber yet more resilient.

Kolser replica guns currently cover the 1800’s and early 1900’s, perhaps they’ll expand their range and the periods of history that they cover one day soon?

To see more CLICK HERE or see the images below:


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