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There is great news, NOW FINALISED, for QLD Collectors and Militaria enthusiasts: Replica machine guns and submachine guns will NOT require a license from Feb 1st 2021.


There is a new safety framework for replicas, including gel blasters that closely resemble firearms.

This framework ensures that gel blaster activities can continue to be safely enjoyed in Queensland.  The framework supports gel blaster enthusiasts, supports small businesses that sell gel blaster equipment and supplies, and ensures community safety.

Weapons Licensing has been working closely with the industry, explaining the new framework and assuring participants that, with a few changes like storing their gel blaster in a sports bag with a bike lock and not carrying it openly in public, they can continue to safely enjoy this popular pastime.

Further, owners of replica firearms or gel blasters that closely resemble firearms should have a reasonable excuse for owning one. Weapons Licencing has sought legal advice regarding this and can confirm that the term “reasonable excuse” is a very broad term and it is taken to mean anything that would not be considered unreasonable. 

When implemented, it is hoped that these changes will reduce the number of incidents.

In the lead-up to these changes, the Queensland Police Service has delivered information sessions detailing the amendments as well as information on the “STOP and Think” campaign, which is aimed at gel blaster users, collectors, retailers, venue operators and the broader community.

Weapons Licensing has worked closely with other Government agencies and community stakeholders to achieve an outcome that is in everyone’s best interests.  Weapons Licensing will continue to engage with relevant stakeholders and assist them understanding the new framework.

The new framework takes effect from 1 February 2021.  This allows time for stakeholders and the community to adjust to the changes.

What does this mean?

A gel blaster that closely resembles a firearm will be considered a replica firearm. A gel blaster that does NOT closely resemble a firearm will NOT be regulated under this framework.  This new framework only applies to gel blasters that closely resemble a firearm. Replica firearms are NOT considered firearms.

For Replica Collectors (not gel blaster users):

Replica Category R firearms WILL be removed from Collectors firearms licences.  Deactivated / Inoperable Category R firearms will remain on Collectors firearm licences.

  • Replica firearms are NOT a category of weapon.

  • Replicas firearms do NOT require a licence.

  • Replica firearms are NOT registered with Weapons Licensing.

  • You are NOT required to be a member of a Gel Blaster Association to support a reasonable excuse when possessing a replica.

  • You can import, sell and own as many replicas as you like.

  • It is reasonable to possess a replica firearm until you use it in an unreasonable way.  Please review the “STOP and Think” material for more information.

  • The B709A import process relating to Gel Blasters and Replica firearms will NOT be changed.



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