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A Hitler Youth collection that tells a story of indoctrination and future tragedy.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

George Santayana.

One of the most recognisable organisations of Third Reich Germany was the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth).

Formed in 1922 it recruited school-boys aged ten to eighteen with a structure and appeal along the lines of the Boy Scouts. An appealing outdoor and adventure-based curriculum concealed a deliberate framework for political indoctrination. The training became progressively more militaristic as the pre-war period and ultimately the 2nd World War progressed.

A recently acquired collection containing school books and other items of a young Hitler Youth member enables a primary source glimpse into the indoctrination of young students into National Socialist policy, racial theories and antisemitism.

The school books feature a great deal of pre-war NSDAP propaganda and nationalist theory that was made part of the school curriculum. The focus included Germanic history and archaeology to back up future territorial claims, racial and genetic theories and justification for the eradication of anyone within society not productive or not deemed to be racially acceptable to the NSDAP.

One important aspect of collecting WW2 artefacts such as this is to make the social, political and military indoctrination of that era irrefutable fact, as these school books and other items certainly do.

Sabre is in the process of having these and other primary sources that come into our possession properly scanned and logged with academic bodies to make them accessible for study.

NOTE: In the course of WW2 militaria collecting and study, museums and private collectors will acquire items of all nationalities, including German. We see this as a legitimate aspect of militaria research and collecting.

We make no political or revisionist statements whatsoever, merely provide an online platform for military antiques and collectables of all styles. Collections such as the one featured in this article we feel help preserve irrefutable evidence of that era and make it impossible to forget that dark episode of human history via the preservation and sharing of genuine artefacts from the period.

To see more on our policy in this regard CLICK HERE.


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