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Man-Cave Ideas: Non-Firing Replica Pistols, Rifles and Submachine Guns to help make any Man-Cave look sensational.

Anyone with a man-cave tends to seek cool looking artefacts, memorabilia and items that will serve as talking points. For some this is sporting memorabilia, be it football or motorsport, for others fishing trophies or exotic bar requisites.

Items of militaria or replica weapons that have some significance to an era or history or even a favourite movie or TV show can make great man-cave display items.

The beauty of these replica guns is that are non-firing and safe alternatives to the real things, whilst having same size, weight and all metal working actions. They have be handled, cocked and in some cases even field-stripped just like the real things.

Some examples may be: -

To commemorate military service:

To help illustrate your own military service or that of a relative or friend, a good replica of a weapon associated with that service can look great mounted or displayed with medals, badges and photos.

To bring a period of history to life:

Replica weapons and guns commemorate and faithfully bring to life famous firearms of many eras including 17th century European conflicts, The US Civil War and Wild West, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam and other more recent conflicts.

A weapon from a favourite TV Show or Movie:

Growing up we all had a favourite Action, Police or War Seroes or Movie, and the replicas of guns associated with those can help bring back some memories and look sensational alongside movie posters or DVD covers. Whether it’s Dirty Harry’s 44 Magnum, a Tommy Gun or Colt 45 Auto from Combat or Saving Private Ryan, the Desert Eagle from Snatch or Rick’s Colt 357 Magnum from the Walking Dead.

Whatever period of history or movie you may be inspired by to have a replica gun from to grace the man-cave, they are a safe yet realistic way to bring classic historic weapons to life.


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