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Man-Cave Must Haves

Many Australian homes feature a decent man cave, bar or a special corner dedicated to an interest or just ‘cool stuff’. It’s often just one of those things that blokes do. Just as in that great Aussie film ‘The Castle’ sometimes something just needs to go “straight to the pool room”.

Some are filled with sporting, car or movie memorabilia and then of course there’s militaria and replica / imitation guns.

People acquire an imitation / replica gun for many reasons, and being a replica, it’s never capable of discharging a live round, so they are very safe. If you live in QLD or WA no licenses are needed whatsoever, for other States you just need to have the right permits / license.

Amongst the reasons that someone may want a replica gun to adorn the wall of a man-cave are:

A gun from a favourite war, cowboy or crime movie.

Interest in military history and collecting.

A symbol of their own military service or that of a relative.

They just look cool and make an interesting talking piece.

The same sort of reasons also influence why someone may buy a military hat, badge or uniform to have on display.

We have plenty of great items that would look sensational in a man-cave, bar or special corner.

Whether it’s a Birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day gift these items are far more exciting than the predictable ‘socks and jocks’.


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