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MG34 Linked Ammo Belts for our Denix MG34 customers

Now that we stock the metal non-firing Denix MG34 replicas, naturally customers also want access to MG34 belts to complete their weapon and display it with full effect.

When we acquire a batch of genuine WW2 stamped and marked link for our Denix replica MG34 customers, as in the above image, it’s often with some mixed feelings.

On the one hand it’s a brilliant accessory to use with the wonderful Denix replica MG34. On the other hand, it usually means a laborious brass loading and linking workshop looms for the Sabre office team.

The WW2 MG34 used distinctive non-disintegrating metallic link belts / ‘Gurt’ for the 8mm x 57 Mauser rounds that it fired. They were intended for multiple use and to be reloaded as required from loose ammunition.

These belts were typically issued / came out of the box in standard 50 round patrol linked belts, and they could easily be joined together to make longer belts if required for fixed positions and sustained fire roles. The belts were used in both the MG34 and the later MG42 (which Denix will hopefully have as quality replica model soon).

Once reasonably common, supply of these genuine marked WW2 MG34 / 42 linked belts has well and truly dried up and they are getting increasingly hard to find. Even the post-war MG3 belts are getting scarce.

Sabre is delighted to have a big supply of these belts for our Denix MG34 replica clients.


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