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Non-Firing Replica Flintlocks now legal in VICTORIA (as are others if you fit within the G.I.C).

Non-firing replica / imitation antique flintlock weapons are now legal in Victoria without need of license or exemption.

In Victoria it's actually legal to import and own many other types of replica / imitation guns if your use fits within what is know as a 'Governor In Council Exemption" that covers collecting, hobbies and theatre productions. For people who are covered by this exemption, they are all potentially legal without need of a license or Commissioner's Permit.

Covered by the GIC in Victoria are such things as:

- Membership of many collecting and historical clubs.

- Membership of many historical re-enactment clubs.

- Staging any theatrical or stage production.

To see more about how to legally import and own replica / imitation guns in Victoria and a PDF of the GIC - click on to the special section of our website here.


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