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QLD Replica Weapons Legislation Update

The ink is now dry on changes to QLD legislation impacting Replica Weapons. Today we had the opportunity to attend a very comprehensive briefing by QLD Police Weapons Licensing at Police Headquarters in Brisbane.


Replica pistols have always been legal to own and display in QLD without license, with a reasonable expectation of sensible display and use that does not cause public alarm. That remains more or less the same.

Now any form of replica weapon that was manufactured as a replica / has never been a ‘working firearm’ will also be fully legal to buy and possess with reasonable excuse and sensible display and / or storage without license. This will include replica assault rifles, machine guns and submachine guns from February 2021 (current restrictions on these remain in place until then).

The entire Denix replica range will therefore be available to anyone in QLD who wishes to collect, display or make use of replicas in such a way so as not to cause ‘public alarm’.

The term ‘reasonable excuse’ has a broad, fair and open definition in the legislation that encompasses collectors, re-enactors and the man cave enthusiast. This is providing that the replica is displayed and used sensibly, not taken into public to cause alarm, is not pointed at someone without their permission nor portrayed as a real weapon to commit a crime. Those will get you into trouble, as they always would have in the past.

Replica weapons will be termed ‘restricted items’, and in practice this greatly simplifies and clarifies things for collectors and enthusiasts. It takes away the need for licensing of replica machine guns and submachine guns.

Safe display as a restricted item is considered to be a secure home / man cave under your control that does not involve it being taken into public view, or if transporting or storing it, then in a locked cupboard, draw or container. If a public display (for example an RSL) then the display just needs to be such that a person cannot simply pick the replica up (e.g. in a glass case).

Re-enactors and historical societies will also be allowed to make use of and display replicas as they have been with reasonable excuse as part of their activities.


The QLD Police and QLD Coroner determined that after in excess of 300 annual Gel Blaster related incidents, that some more uniform controls around anything that ‘looks like a real gun’ where required.

This was based upon such incidents not only causing public alarm but also the need for Police responses that drain frontline Police resources and could put people at risk of shooting incidents.

Gel Blasters and existing forms of replica guns have now been simplified into the same section of legislation.

Making any replica weapon that was never an actual ‘working firearm’ into what is simply termed a ‘restricted item’ simplifies the ability for a collector or enthusiast to legally acquire and sensibly display them without license.

This now covers replica submachine guns, assault rifles and machine guns as of February 2021 in addition to what have already been easy to buy Replica pistols and Replica bolt / semi auto rifles.

For the normal collector, enthusiast or re-enactor it’s all pretty simple and fair. You can have them, just display them sensibly and don’t take them out in public without a lawful excuse (e.g. historical re-enactment event).

Thanks to the QLD Weapons Licensing members who have spent years working to simplify and clarify a position on replica weapons for collectors, enthusiasts and reenactors.

They seem dedicated to the fair policing of replica weapons based on the premise that a ‘reasonable excuse’ to have them remains so until you choose to behave ‘unreasonably’ with them.

The QLD Police 'STOP AND THINK' campaign for responsible replica gun ownership will be launched soon and we will be posting information on the website and including literature with every purchase.

You can also check the QLD Police website for Weapons Licensing News.


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