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Quality replica guns that represent both sides of the Cold War Era

The post-WW2 / Cold War era looms large in the memory of those who either lived in the 20th century or who study its history.

The military weapons and equipment of that era evoke the stories and the history of the Cold war Warriors, especially those who ended up serving in some quite actually ‘Hot Wars’ as it turned out.

Replica guns can serve as safe and easy ways to bring the military history of the era to life for museums, re-enactors, collectors, filmmakers and man-cave enthusiasts.

Sabre Militaria is delighted to have awesome non-firing replica weapons that represent both sides of the Cold War and Vietnam war era in the form of our M16A1 replica and AK47 replica.

The metal AK47 Replica by Denix:

This is a museum-quality replica of the classic Soviet AK47 assault rifle. It’s weight, feel and functionality is great. This model even field strips down like the real thing which adds another dimension to its usefulness to history and weapon buffs.

The metal M16A1 Replica that is also a gel blaster:

The details on this replica of the classic US Military service rifle are amazing, and the fact that it also happens to be a gel blaster rifle is just a bonus for anyone seeking a great M16 replica. Feel and weight of this replica is just great.


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