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The Denix Replica AK47 field strips like the original

The museum-quality non-firing Denix replica of the famous AK47 Assault Rifle is made of metal with timber stocks. It is not only full size and weight, but it also field strips just like the real thing.

The ability to cock the action, remove the magazine and strip this replica gun down really helps to bring the legendary AK47 to life, but in a safe quality non-firing reproduction.

The Avtomat Kalashnikova was designed in 1947 by Russian WW2 combat veteran Mikhail Kalashnikov.

It has become an iconic combat rifle used by Soviet and Eastern Block forces in the Cold War, as well as The Viet Cong in the Vietnam War and in large numbers across the globe by numerous Armies and Irregular Forces ever since.  

The AK47 was inspired by and shares innovations that draw upon the best of the American M1 and German WW2 StG44.  Its designer was determined to make a reliable weapon for Soviet soldiers. As a former Soviet soldier himself he aimed for it to be a simple and reliable assault rifle.

It also has a high tolerance for battlefield conditions, varying temperatures and rough treatment making it a durable combat rifle. 

Whilst originally a Soviet / Russian rifle, it has been made in many variations under license and also copied by many other nations. 

This Denix replica gun is a great addition to any collection.


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