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Replica German WW2 StG44 / Sturmgewehr by Denix

One of our most popular replica weapons is the quality all metal reproduction of the famous StG44 Sturmgewehr.

Regarded as one of the most ground-breaking weapons of WW2, it was also arguably the world’s first true modern assault rifle. It inspired design elements of a number of post-war 20th century weapons.

Designed by Hugo Schmeisser for the 7.92 x 33 Kurz cartridge, it provided effective volumes of fire to German units in the late war period, especially on the Eastern Front.

The Denix replica is a faithful metal replica of this historic weapon with timber butt stock and the ability to cock and dry fire and also to remove the magazine.

Basic stats of the real StG44:

Designed: 1942

Produced: 1943 - 1945

Cartridge: 7.92 x 33mm Kurz (AKA 8mm Kurz)

Action: Gas operated long stroke piston, tilting bolt, selective fire

Rate of Fire: 500 – 600 rounds per minute

Muzzle Velocity: 685 m/s

Effective Firing Range: 300 m (semi-auto with aux sighted 600 m)

Feed System: 30 round detachable box

Weight: 4.6 kg

Length: 940 mm

Barrel Length: 420 mm


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