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Sabre Militaria sells Denix replica guns and a wide range of militaria
Replica German WW2 Weapons and Militaria

Replica WW2 German Weapons and Militaria are useful items for historical reenactors and collectors.

The Second World War is an area of great fascination for those who study military history or collect WW2 Militaria. The weapons, uniforms and field equipment of the era often has a distinctive and iconic look and feel that rounds out a display or performance.

For quality replicas we often come across great uniform items and badges that are tastefully reproduced.

With replica weapons we are truly spoiled for choice with the great Denix replica weapon range that includes the MP40 submachine gun, StG44 Sturmgewehr, Luger PO8, Walther P38 and Walther PPK. They even have the MG34 Machine Gun replica which is due to us in mid 2021. Occasionally the great old-school Japanese replica guns and other models come our way as well.

With original items becoming increasingly harder to find and expensive, quality replicas can serve to faithfully represent important weapons or items in place of the originals that often demand more diligent storage and treatment.

Sadly these days many aged replicas are passed off as fakes, and this detracts from their legitimate purpose as a space filler or required substitute in a museum display or indeed even a film and TV production for example. When looking to buy the real deal it pays to do your homework and choose high integrity sellers.

With Denix replica guns it’s also possible to give them a great aged effect to blend them in with a display or performance. The beauty of a replica gun is that it’s a safe alternative to the real thing, providing of course you either live in QLD or WA where laws require no licensing for any replica, or you have the right permit / license for other states.

Check out the news on the Denix MG34 Machine Gun Replica or visit our Replica Gun Shop to see the range we currently have in stock of replica pistols, replica rifles, replica assault rifles and replica submachine guns.

NOTE: Sabre makes no political or revisionist statements whatsoever by stocking WW2 German items. To us they are a legitimate aspect of military history, re-enactment or film and TV production.


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