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Replica guns and militaria make better Christmas gifts than ‘socks and jocks’ for a collector or an enthusiast!

As a teenager I remember very fondly my Dad getting me a replica Walther PPK as a Christmas gift.

Not only did it add to my small collection of militaria, but the fact that it cocked and that you could pull the mag out just fired my imagination for all of those smashing 007 James Bond films I enjoyed as a boy (well, still do really).

These days there is such a wide range of replica guns to draw from, and being in a job where I now stock these for others is kind of a dream come true. There are replica pistols, replica rifles and even replica submachine guns and machine guns.

They look sensational in a display or up on the wall of a good man-cave. General militaria can also be a good call for someone who is into various periods of history, or if you can narrow down an item to suit a specific field of interest. Give us a call to help you get that right if it’s not your thing, and you are buying for your fussy expert.

Naturally even at Christmas time, you have to be conscious of the laws in your state for owning a replica gun. In WA, no problems at all as they are all legal without a permit / license being required. In QLD replica pistols and most replica rifles are legal without a permit / license, with autos (SMG’s and MG’s) becoming legal after Feb 2021. For other States you simply MUST look into getting the right permits to conform to the rules in your State – Click here to see what might apply to you.

Most items of general militaria are no problem to buy and possess of course.

There are many people who collect militaria and a good quality replica weapon or item of militaria is more likely to hit the spot than ‘socks and jocks’, of course people also might buy an item to match a favourite movie or TV show?

Plenty of cool choices and we are happy to help you get it right.

We can even do GIFT VOUCHERS so that people can make their own choices at their leisure.


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