Replica Guns are far safer on film sets than real firearms

The recent shooting tragedy on the set of the US film production ‘Rust’ has thrown a spotlight onto firearm safety in the film and television industry.

Amongst the first pledging never to use real firearms on set ever again, only replicas, is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and his own production company ‘Seven Bucks’. A recent article in Forbes is indicative of the high-level movement to make this industry practice.

His decision will likely “kick-off a domino effect of safe decision-making across Hollywood productions,” according to Variety.

Many leading Actors, Cinematographers and Directors are adding their weight to the movement with numerous petitions in motion, and legislation is also on the cards to limit if not ban the use of live firearms onset. Similar moves are afoot on major TV and streaming productions.

For years we have advocated for the use of high-quality non-firing replica guns wherever possible in film, TV and stage productions. With quality post-production effects this is now a viable alternative to the real weapons and the risks that they entail. This is what the above-mentioned players plan to do moving forward.

Sabre maintains our own Theatrical Ordnance Supplier’s License for the use of both real and replica weapons in film, TV and stage productions. The replicas that we use from the Denix range are museum quality, so have great screen accuracy, but are very safe to use onset.

Irrespective of how things turn out with regards to practices and legislation, let's hope that there is never another onset tragedy like the one that sadly took a life recently in the US.

Australia has very high standards of firearms safety on film sets, but will inevitably be impacted by these moves as well. We stand ready to provide safe and highly effective replica guns to our friends and connections in the film and TV industries.