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Replica Guns Australia

Replica guns have been available in Australia for decades, but widely differing laws and attitudes between states continues to frustrate and confuse law-abiding collectors, re-enactors and history buffs.

The term ‘replica gun’ is used in QLD, in other states the term ‘imitation gun’ is also used. We will here for simplicity keep using the term ‘replica’.

In Queensland, Western Australia and now also South Australia it’s quite simple, if you wish to collect and possess non-firing replica guns of any form with a reasonable reason (e.g. simply want to collect them, have an interest in history, decorate a man cave, are a re-enactor etc) no license or permit is required. They are not considered to be firearms. Responsible use and display so as not to cause public alarm is of course expected.

Victoria also has a very reasonable approach. There exists something called a ‘Governor In Council Exemption’, and this covers the members of a wide range of historical, collecting and re-enacting organisations. Simply belong to one / join one of these and it is then lawful to possess a non-firing replica in support of your interests. There are also Commissioner’s Permits.

The frustration and confusion arises in other states from instances where a completely non-firing weapon, that has never been and can never be a real firearm, is treated like one. In other states laws vary greatly, and in some instances they need special licenses and permits and even need to be stored as if they are the real thing.

Here is a brief summary of how different states treat replica / imitation guns:

This is general information only, it is not legal advice, for specific answers please contact your local Police Weapons Licensing teams.

Respectful and ongoing lobbying to these governments that the approaches of QLD and WA are far more realistic given that a replica / imitation weapon simply cannot be made to harm or fire will be useful.

Replica guns in Australia are used for a wide range of perfectly harmless and legal reasons. Amongst these are militaria collections, historical re-enactors, private and public museums, movie buffs and stage and TV productions. A non-firing replica that is in every respect not a real firearms, provides a very safe alternative to the real thing in all of these cases.

Responsible replica gun ownership is critical though. They must be displayed responsibly so as not to cause public alarm, must never be pointed at anyone without their permission and of course not used to commit a crime or threaten anyone.

At the end of the day replica guns cannot be made to fire. They are 100% inert and safe.

Sabre is fortunate to have a wide range of replica pistols, replica rifles and now replica machine guns.


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