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Replica Machine Guns and Submachine Guns now easier to source

In QLD and WA all forms of replica gun are now legal without any license or permit required, but it wasn’t always this easy, and it still isn’t for some other states.

For decades Australian collectors have been able to access replica pistols and some replica rifles with relative ease, but replica machine guns, assault rifles and machine guns have been harder to source.

This has been to a great extent down to stricter rules and licensing requirements for any replica of an automatic weapon. Most states will allow collectors and re-enactors to own them, but only once they have the correct collector’s license or permit.

Recently QLD has greatly relaxed Weapons Licensing requirements around replica machine guns, assault rifles and submachine guns which is a very welcome change for enthusiasts.

Now both QLD and WA clients can easily buy and own great replica models by Denix such as the MP40, Thompson, Sten, StG44, M3 Grease Gun and AK47 without all of the the red tape of licensing being required.

In mid 2021 Denix are also due to release their long-awaited replica of the famous WW2 German MG34.

We are proud to stop the Denix range and have everything from replica pistols to rifles, assault rifles and machine guns.

Sabre Militaria stocks and sells a wide range of Denix replica machine guns
Replica machine guns for sale by Sabre Militaria


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