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Replica MP40 SMG with working action and folding stock

The MP40 (Maschinenpistole 40) is an iconic German 9mm submachine gun of the 2nd World War.

The weapon was designed in 1938 by Heinrich Vollmer (and not Hugo Schmeisser despite the common Allied nickname for the weapon of 'Schmeisser'). Easily confused with its predecessor the MP38, it was used extensively by German land forces particularly by Infantry (popular with Officers and NCO's) and AFV crews.

It saw action across all theatres where German forces were engaged including Europe, North Africa and the Eastern Front.

It is thought that at least 1 million were manufactured during the war by Erma Werke.

Our non-firing replica is a faithful metal reproduction of the original by European manufacturer Denix complete with folding stock, working action and removable magazine.

This great replica MP40 helps bring the famous WW2 weapon to life for museums, hobby collectors, re-enactors, movies and of course well-appointed man-caves.

These are legal to buy and own in Queensland and Western Australia with exemptions or permits required for other States.


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