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The Mauser C96 ‘Broomhandle’ Pistol is an iconic combat pistol of WW1 Germany. It was also used widely in pre-WW1 and post war conflicts by other nations, then once again by Germany in WW2.

Made initially by the famous German arms maker Mauser, it was subsequently made by other nations, and not always under license, such as China and Spain. Its unusual and distinctive look is characterised by the long barrel, integral box magazine forward of the trigger assembly, and broom like pistol grip that earned it the nickname ‘Broomhandle Mauser’.

Whilst perhaps best known as a WW1 German military sidearm, particularly favoured by trench raiding storm troopers, it was also popular as a private purchase pre-war by British Officers. It saw action in colonial wars, and also the Boer War, famously wielded by a young Winston Churchill.

In late WW1 it was also wielded by Lawrence of Arabia during his Middle Eastern campaigns.

During WW2 as weapon production was slowed, Germany pressed many of these iconic guns back into service and converted many from their original 7.63 x 25 to 9mm.

The long barrel and powerful cartridge made it particularly accurate, especially when fitted with the timber stock / holster that made it into a small carbine.

This replica version by Denix is full size and weight metal with a working action to bring the historic gun safely to life for collectors.


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