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A range of high quality replica pistols from across the years of manufacture ranging from CMC and Kokusai to Denix.
Quality full metal replica pistols for sale

Quality Replica Pistols make great additions to any man-cave or militaria collection.

For decades now the market for replica historical pistols has grown and grown.

The reasons for this are as diverse as the range of non-firing replicas available to the collector. Amongst them are talking pieces for a man cave, accessories for militaria collectors and reenactors as well as stage and film productions.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s Japan tended to dominate the market for these non-firing reproduction weapons with makers such as CMC and Kokusai. As Spanish firm Denix started to diversify from purely antique replicas and into quality WW2 and modern replicas, they have now well and truly taken their place.

Replica handguns make a wonderful and safe alternative to the real things that naturally require strict licensing and storage under weapons licensing laws.

The key thing to remember is that whilst these were never manufactured as an actual weapon and can never fire, not every Australian State treats them this way.

Under the firearm laws of some States they are actually illegal. Where replica pistols are legal in States such as Queensland and Western Australia, hugs responsibility is placed upon the collector.

Under no circumstances can replicas be displayed or used in public without a very clear and lawful excuse such as being an historical reenactor at a legitimate event, or on a film set for example.

Naturally as these pieces are well-researched and accurate replicas of real firearms they need to be handled and displayed responsibly so as not to cause public alarm.

The responsible collecting and display of these non-firing replica pistols makes a wonderful hobby, and can also add greater depth and realism to militaria and man-cave displays.

Sabre Militaria is proud to be a stockist and re-seller of quality Denix replica weapons including WW2 pistols and selected rifles.

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Sanjeev Mitbaokar
Sanjeev Mitbaokar
07 août 2021

Beautiful collection

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