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Quality full sized replica of the .303 SMLE Rifle by Denix
Replica .303 Lee Enfield Rifle by Denix

Replica Rifle Spotlight: The Denix .303 SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield) Replica

The Lee Enfield is a bolt action repeating rifle fed by a 10-round magazine. It was the standard issue military rifle for British Commonwealth Forces from 1895 until 1957, this high quality Denix Replica .303 Lee Enfield being of the most famous MKIII Model.

As a reliable and hard-hitting rifle with its powerful .303 cartridge, it was also popular with Commonwealth troops because it’s detachable 10 round box magazine offered greater rates of fire than opponents armed generally with Mausers that had only a 5 round capacity.

It’s characteristic shape with fully timbered stock and 10 round box magazine is evocative of so many of Australia’s military legends. In WW1 it was carried by Australian troops at the Gallipoli landings, on the Western Front and by the Light Horse in the deserts of the Middle East.

During WW2 this robust and reliable battle rifle is often pictured with Aussie troops in Malaya / Singapore, The Pacific and at the iconic North African campaign. During the Korean War the good old .303 continued to serve at famous battles such as Kapyong.

As a collector’s piece or presentation piece this quality Denix Replica rifle can represent many periods and campaigns of Australian and Commonwealth military forces.

It has a timber stock and working metal action that helps brings this famous military rifle safely to life for the collector.

Sabre is proud to be a reseller of Denix replica rifles and pistols.


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