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The M1 Garand battle rifle is one of the most iconic US Military weapons of WW2. The weapon also saw service in Korea and in smaller numbers during the Vietnam War.

As a combat weapon it was famously acclaimed by General George ‘Blood and Guts’ Patton thus: “In my opinion, the M1 rifle is the greatest battle implement ever devised.” High praise indeed from a General renowned for knowing his stuff.

Manufactured in large numbers the rifle was the standard battle rifle of the entire US military across WW2 serving in all operational theatres and campaigns.

The weapon fired the hard hitting 30.06 round that was loaded into the weapon using a large metallic 8 round charging clip. This famously ejected forcefully and with a noisy clang as the weapon ejected the last round ready for the next clip to be loaded.

Debate ensues as to whether this distinctive clang may have given an opposing German or Japanese soldier a momentary advantage, knowing that the US solider was reloading. German soldiers interviewed post-war often commented that in the noisy din of battle it was often hard to hear such things, and when they did, covering fire from multiple US troops would have made it difficult to act upon in any case.

This classic rifle saw plenty of action, and the Denix replica is a full sized and faithful reproduction with timber stock and full metal working action. A safe way to bring this historic rifle to life for the collector.

Sabre is proud to be a reseller of quality Denix replica rifles and pistols.


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