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A quality full size replica of the WW2 M1 Carbine by Denix
Replica M1 Carbine by Denix

The M1 Carbine was a versatile and lightweight rifle used extensively by the US military and also other specialist allied units in WW2, Korea and in limited numbers into the Vietnam War.

Issued mostly to Officers, NCO’s, Airborne Forces and Vehicle crews due to its lighter weight and shorter length, it was popular with soldiers in a variety of combat and support roles.

The superior velocity and hitting power of the .30 round to that of the heavy .45 Thompson Sub Machine Gun round, despite being lighter, made it a sound replacement for that older weapon system in many scenarios.

Other allied nations also made use of the M1 Carbine, notably British SOE and SAS units who liked the short and robust carbine format. The weapon also became popular with some German Wermacht and Waffen SS units when captured in larger numbers from US Forces as the war progressed.

The rifle continued to see service in the Korean war just as it had in WW2. During the Vietnam War the weapon remained a popular choice with both US Military and ARVN units as a good close quarter battle weapon in jungle fighting environments.

This faithful full-sized replica by Denix features a working metal action, removable magazine and also a detachable sling. The look and feel of the metal and timber brings this weapon safely and authentically to life for the collector.

Sabre is proud to be a reseller of Denix replica rifles and pistols.


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