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Replica Submachine Gun Spotlight: The Sten Gun by Denix.

For any reader of the old boyhood Commando Comics, or fan of the classic old war movies the image of a plucky British Tommy with his ‘Sten Gun spitting death’ may be familiar.

It is quite an iconic WW2 British Infantry small arm, and possibly one of the simplest / most rudimentary submachine guns ever made.

The 9mm Sten Gun was created in 1940 by British weapon designers Major Reginald Shepherd and Harold J Turpin. The aim was to create a reliable submachine gun that was cheap and easy to mass produce. Whilst the latter was definitely achieved first go, the former less so. It was not initially looked upon by soldiers as a reliable weapons as it struggled with some teething issues.  

Made from a small number of very simple stamped parts that required minimal machining and finishing, it did fill the need that Britain had for large quantities of small automatic weapons for their Infantry. The early bugs of being prone to jam were sorted out with progressive improvements that made it a more reliable service weapon.

It fired from an open bolt with a blowback operation and was mass produced in large numbers, many also being supplied to famous resistance movements across Europe

The Mark II was the most common version, and this is the one that Denix has chosen to make their high quality reproduction of in full metal for same size, weight and action of the real thing.  

We are excited to be stocking a great range of Denix replica submachine guns and assault rifles starting in 2021.


Designed: 1940

Produced: 1941 - 1945

Cartridge: 9mm

Action: Blowback, Open Bolt

Rate of Fire: 500 – 600 rounds per minute (depending on version)

Muzzle Velocity: 365 m/s

Effective Firing Range: 100 m

Feed System: 32 round detachable box

Weight: 3.2 kg

Length: 762 mm

Barrel Length: 196 mm

Amongst the replica submachine guns and assault rifles made by Denix that we will be stocking are:

Replica MP40 SMG

Replica Thompson SMG

Replica PPSH SMG

Replica Sten Gun SMG

Replica M41 Grease Gun SMG

Replica AK47 Assault Rifle

Replica M16 Assault Rifle

Replica MP44 Assault Rifle

NOTE: Images used of SMG and Assault Rifles until we have sales stock are of Denix guns that have been given aged and worn finishes for film and TV use. Stock guns will have a new black finish.  See our article on the site about how to age them well.


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