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For decades replica pistols have been easy to own in QLD without a license, and yet a replica submachine gun or assault rifle was considered to be a ‘Category R’ weapon requiring special licenses to own.

As of now, so it remains (so don't go jumping the gun, pardon the pun), but some sensible changes seem to be coming soon.

There is good reason to believe that all categories of replica weapon will be treated differently in early 2021, based on recent proposed changes to QLD Legislation and the Weapons Act.

It is rumoured that on the back of new moves to better control Gel Blasters, that all replicas will be treated merely as ‘restricted’ items and thus become easier to own in all categories. This includes replica SMG’s and MG’s.

In theory this means that an enthusiast simply needs to have a reasonable excuse to acquire and possess them (for example I am a militaria collector / hobbyist or a re-enactor or veteran’s group) and will display and store them in accord with the Act.

This is great news for collectors who have always wanted to own for example a quality replica MP40, Tommy Gun, Sten, M16 or AK47 but didn’t want to jump through the many hoops of becoming licensed.

Whilst this is yet to be written fully in stone, it’s looking good apparently.

Watch this space, and we are confident that we will be able to happily supply enthusiasts with the full range of quality Denix replica submachine guns and machine guns in early 2021.

Happy Collecting!

NOTE: It is critical to be aware that until changes are actually fully passed into law and then made to the Weapons Act, that all current restrictions and limitations remain in place. Once they do come into place, compliance with all conditions for ownership, storage, display and use will be essential.


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