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Replica Western Pistols

The guns of America’s Wild West are associated with many famous characters from military, law enforcement, rancher and outlaw history.

One of the most successful and prolific manufacturers of these classic 6 shooters across the era was of course Colt Firearms.

Civil War pistols with the percussion cap and ball mechanisms were commonly in use during and after the Civil War in the US (featured in famous Western films such as The Good The Bad and The Ugly). Many also made it to Australia for use with both bushrangers and Police.

The Colt Army Single Action peacemaker style pistols were popular in many different forms from basic gun metal to nickel and more elaborate custom finishes. These reliable and deadly handguns are probably those most commonly associated with the Wild West and also feature in many Western films.

Denix make a great Western range of non-firing imitation / replica pistols with Civil War cap and ball styles and the famous 6 Shooter / Peacemaker styles of Colt. Great for the collector, re-enactor, film maker and man-cave enthusiast to bring these historic guns to life.


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